RALEIGH — Once again lawmakers would require a primary if the state elections board calls for a new election in the 9th Congressional District after they scrapped the provision yesterday during a committee meeting.

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RALEIGH — Republican lawmakers unveiled a new bill at a Tuesday, Dec. 11 news conference which would return the Bipartisan Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement to two separate boards after years of court battles over the merger. And then they made a major change while the bill was in committee.

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Election fraud has been happening in counties around the state for years but law enforcement generally ignored it, according to an article in the News & Observer. Most of it took place in rural counties and centered around local elections, even if some of it bled over into the state and federal ones. State and local law enforcement officials were more interested in bigger fish like council of state members, U.S. Senators and legislators than sewer and water authorities or even county commission races.

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ROCKINGHAM — Mark Harris says he was unaware of any wrongdoing and is cooperating with an investigation that’s holding up his certification as the next representative for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

Harris broke his week-long silence in a video statement Friday afternoon.

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RALEIGH — Election irregularities have been an open secret in Bladen County for most of this decade. A group of Republican senators frustrated with lax enforcement, including law enforcement investigations that seem to be going nowhere, say cleaning up the mess is essential to restore public confidence in election integrity. 

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ROCKINGHAM — Democrat Dan McCready has withdrawn his concession in the 9th Congressional District race amid allegations of voting irregularities in Bladen County during last month’s election.

McCready took to Twitter Thursday afternoon to announce his decision.

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Watching Republicans yell “But the Democrats!” on Twitter in response to the election fraud in the 9th Congressional District race has been very entertaining. It’s also given new meaning to the term "election projection." The twitter warrior who goes by the handle Sister Toldjah has been “documenting” the history of election misconduct in Bladen County, always pointing to Democrats’ culpability in the process. Raleigh Attorney Brent Woodcox who serves as special counsel to the Republicans in the General Assembly has been desperately trying to point fingers at Roy Cooper’s 2016 campaign.

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RALEIGH — The prospect Democrats will get their wish for a new election in the 9th Congressional District could be getting stronger.

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ROCKINGHAM ― The race for the 9th Congressional District apparently isn’t quite over.

Despite Democrat Dan McCready’s concession to Republican Mark Harris, the N.C. State Board of Elections has failed to certify the contest for the second time this week due to “claims of numerous irregularities and concerted fraudulent activities related to absentee mail ballots” in Bladen County, the Charlotte Observer reports.

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ROCKINGHAM — Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee shook hundreds of hands Wednesday in the first of four stops campaigning for House hopeful Mark Harris.

A large crowd of conservatives, including local pastors and politicians, awaited the Republican heavyweight’s arrival in the parking lot of the Richmond County Cooperative Extension office, which is serving as an early voting site.

Huckabee took the time to pose for photos — including a selfie with Hamlet City Manager Jonathan Blanton — sign autographs and briefly speak with those in attendance.

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