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This Little Piggy Stayed Home About a year ago, a couple of friends of mine decided to become part-time pig farmers. They purchased ten pigs; five males and five females. They recently decided to retire and make pig farming a full-time job. The construction started and after more pens were…
Azi the Rescue Horse I was recently speaking to a friend who was telling me about her farm and the strange, but sometimes funny things that happen there. Her grandson has chickens which he raises to sell the eggs. He also has two horses, one named Lena, the other named…
The second Monday of October is celebrated across the United States as a federal holiday in commemoration of Christopher Columbus. Widely, yet erroneously, considered to be the first explorer to have “discovered” America in 1492, Columbus was indeed a brave, adventurous sailor. However, it cannot be said that he was…
Friday, 06 October 2017 00:46

The Case of the Missing Hermit Crab

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I received a phone call from my oldest daughter, Jessica, a few days ago telling me about a recent situation. Her family had been here visiting in August and went to Myrtle Beach. While at the beach, they purchased two hermit crabs for my grandchildren.
Thursday, 05 October 2017 23:41

The Final Piece

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“That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith;” Ephesians 3:17a
Thursday, 05 October 2017 12:31

Living on Two Wheels

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Back when I was a child, it seemed as if my brothers and I lived on our bicycles.
Let’s debunk a popular myth. I often hear ladies say that they would love to wear a red lipstick, but red just doesn’t look right on them.
Monday, 02 October 2017 23:34

Making Memories at Robert's Pond

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I suppose a lot of people wouldn’t consider spending time fishing as a way of making memories with family. If that’s true, then I suppose I must just be different than most people.
Monday, 02 October 2017 00:48

Devotions from Patricia Greene

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Last year, someone shared the following quote with me by Charles Spurgeon, a 19th century Baptist preacher. It is a quote that resonated with me at the time and one that I have found meaningful multiple times since then. I share it with you now: I have learned to kiss…
Thursday, 28 September 2017 07:34

Moonshine and Revenuers

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Alcoholic Beverage Commission officers, or “old-time revenuers”, regard the secret making and selling of illegal whiskey not as a criminal offense, but as a tax violation. These men and occasional women, put in 60-80 hours a week at work and almost never take a vacation. Their primary job is to…
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