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REACH student headed to ECU this fall on scholarship

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Richmond Early College High School (REACH) student Lauren Humann will be graduating from Richmond Community College and heading to East Carolina University this fall. Richmond Early College High School (REACH) student Lauren Humann will be graduating from Richmond Community College and heading to East Carolina University this fall. RichmondCC

HAMLET — Richmond Early College High School student Lauren Humann of Rockingham is about to wrap up her time at Richmond Community College with an associate degree and will be heading to East Carolina University this fall.

"I have been selected to be an EC Scholar, which gives me almost a full ride to ECU. There were 2,400 applicants and 20 students selected," Humann said. "All the unique experiences that I was able to get at RichmondCC definitely gave me a huge leg up on my resume and qualifications."

Humann was chosen to be a part of the RichmondCC Ambassador program. Not only did she receive a scholarship, but she also got to represent the College at various events and help with recruitment activities such as campus tours and college fairs.

"Being an ambassador was amazing, and my resume grew almost a page after adding the experiences I gained from working different events on and off campus over the past two years," Humann said. "I was also introduced to and met many faculty and staff who have helped me tremendously in preparing to go to a four-year university and deciding which degrees I should pursue after RichmondCC to help make me the ideal candidate for applying to my dream job."

As a REACH student, Humann was given the opportunity to earn an associate degree along with her high school diploma. She was concerned that she would not be able to participate in high school sports, but her instructors worked with her and she was able to join both the golf team and swim team at Richmond Senior High School.

In June, she will be graduating from the Electric Utility Substation & Relay Technology program at RichmondCC. While she will have the credentials and training to begin a career as a relay technician, Humann is still trying to define what her dream job is. She would like to be in sales or marketing for an electric utility company or even an entertainment company like Disney World. 

"After trying many different programs at RichmondCC, I ended up being most intrigued by the Electric Utility Substation and Relay Technology program," said Humann. "I thrive in math. When I heard about the substation program and how math skills would come in handy, I decided to give it a try. I have loved the substation program."

At East Carolina, she will be double majoring in business marketing and engineering.

“Lauren came to me knowing places that she wanted to work but not knowing the requirements needed to get there. We worked together in finding related jobs that interested her,” said Patsy Stanley, Director of Career & Transfer Services at RichmondCC. “Of those jobs, marketing and engineering were the required education and experience. This helped her determine what degree(s) to pursue at the university.”

 Stanley said instead of putting all her eggs in one basket, Humann applied to all the colleges and universities that interested her. She was accepted by a total of six universities in North Carolina.

 “She’s a very smart girl,” Stanley said. 

The Career and Transfer Center at RichmondCC provides assistance in career exploration, job searches, college transfer opportunities, resume writing, interview skills and internships.

“We are not limited to currently enrolled students at RichmondCC. The staff at the Career and Transfer Center is here to help alumni and community members as well,” Stanley added.

Humann said RichmondCC has had a great impact on her life. 

“I cannot describe how grateful I am to the College, from the president of the college, the deans and department heads, the instructors, the counselors and others. I feel as though I gained something from each faculty member I met at RichmondCC and REACH," Humann said. "Whether you are like me and do not know what you want to do in the future, or you know exactly what your plans and dreams are, RichmondCC is a great place to start. It provides a variety of opportunities, incredible learning experiences and courses, and tremendous career advice and counseling. You can find what you are looking for or end up where you are meant to be at RichmondCC."

Registration is underway for both summer and fall semesters. A free application can be completed online at The College is also hosting Financial Aid Days on May 18 (Hamlet Campus) and May 19 (Scotland County Campus) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to help people with the financial aid process and in finding funding for their education. For more information, call 910-410-1700.