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Richmond County’s Ducks Unlimited Banquet

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Ducks Unlimited Ducks Unlimited Photo courtesy of Ducks Unlimited

ROCKINGHAM - Thursday evening found the Rockingham National Guard Armory packed with over two hundred people, all enjoying great food, fellowship and a fund raising auction and raffle.

They were there for Richmond County’s own Chapter of Ducks Unlimited annual banquet. Their ages ranged from a four month old baby boy to folks over eighty years old. They came from all over Richmond Co., counties all over N.C. and from four different states all to support conservation.

After the great meal, winners of the silent auction claimed their prizes. Then the auctioneer took his place on the podium and the long awaited auction began. Some of the things to be auctioned to the highest bidder included twenty-seven new guns, duck decoys, beautiful wildlife pictures of ducks, hand-carved duck calls, Creek Boat, fire-pit, knifes, an accent table made of Teak wood and many more great treasures.

The National Chapter of Ducks Unlimited has been in the conservation business of protecting wetlands and wildlife for eighty years. Mr. Gary Payne, President of the N.C. Chapter of Ducks Unlimited said, “The D.U. has one hundred and twelve local chapters just in N.C.”

The Richmond Co. chapter doesn’t just meet and eat, No-sir re. They have placed and maintain one hundred duck boxes made of Cedar or Cyprus lumber on private and public land all around the county. Mr. Gary Weyant, President of the Richmond Co. Chapter of D.U., plans on building twenty more. These duck boxes have to be cleaned out once a year. A metal ring is placed below the nesting boxes to protect against predators robbing the eggs or getting the young ducklings.

Another big event our local chapter of D.U. helps sponsor and put on is Greenwing. The event is held yearly at McKinney Lake Fish Hatchery. The event is for any youth who like to fish, learn gun safety while target practicing with BB guns and of course learn more about wildfowl.

Mr. Dan Barbee, a member of the local chapter of D.U. said, “It’s great to be a-part of something that helps protect our wildlife and the environment of our great state.” Mr. Gary Payne said, “He was pleased to have such great support from so many different people and sponsors for the special fund raising event.”

Also attending the banquet was a representative of the Land Trust of Central N.C., Mr. Sam Parrott. He was on hand to talk about and hand out literature on how people might better help with conservation of lands for future generations.

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