Kelly Monroe

Kelly Monroe

Let’s debunk a popular myth. I often hear ladies say that they would love to wear a red lipstick, but red just doesn’t look right on them.

ROCKINGHAM -The Richmond County Woman’s Club enjoyed a presentation on fall trends in apparel and décor from Debbie Wrenn, Jenny Williamson, and Kathy Crouch of Simply Chic Monogram Boutique earlier this week at the first meeting of the club year.

The 2017 fall season is quickly approaching, and the change in season is a great topportunity to update your makeup look and try new colors. In this week’s edition of “Beauty and Wellness Corner with Kelly”, I discuss a list of standout trends for your cheeks, eyes, and lips.

Welcome back for part two of a three-week series discussing how diet affects your skin. This week we are focusing on premature aging.

This week I am starting a three-week series about how your diet can affect your skin, focusing on acne first. There is more and more research coming in showing links between what we consume and the health of our skin.

Summertime is in full swing and those that need a little extra sun kissed glow tend to reach for the bronzer.


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the issue of non-licensed individuals performing services at salons. It usually comes up in the form of a person talking about an awful experience they had. For example, they were dissatisfied with the results or were actually physically harmed as a result of the “service.” Some consumers tend to think that as long as they are getting a service in a salon, the person offering the service is qualified, but that is not always true.

ROCKINGHAM -- Scott Van Der Linden, Governor of District 7680 was in attendance at the local Rockingham Rotary Club's meeting Monday July 10th.

Friday, 07 July 2017 09:35

Expired Beauty Products: Toss or Keep?

An email from a reader:

Dear Kelly,

I’ve heard I should toss my makeup and skin care products after a certain length of time. What are the recommendations for when to toss beauty products like moisturizers, mascara, and lipstick? Do I have to toss the item even if I’ve only used a little bit of it?  



Sweet, sweet summer time —the time of year that makes you feel like a kid again.  Long days, warm air, and cool water bring about childhood memories, and a blank canvas to make more memories.  However, summer fun often leads to sunburn (the not so fun part of all those summertime memories).