GREENSBORO — Gene Legrand Hickman Jr. of Moore County, age 63, was sentenced today to 228 months in prison for receiving child pornography. Hickman  is also subject to lifetime supervision upon release. 

ROCKINGHAM — Two people were injured and an apartment and vehicle were damaged in a shooting last week at an apartment complex.

ROCKINGHAM — A man wanted for identity theft was allegedly carrying meth when police served him with arrest warrants at a retail store.

ROCKINGHAM — One week after a shooting on one city street, police returned for another.

ROCKINGHAM — A probation absconder was recently served warrants at a local retail store after reportedly failing to appear in court on drug charges.

ROCKINGHAM — Police say a man stole a SUV then ran away from the investigating officer.

ROCKINGHAM — A man is facing a criminal charge for allegedly setting fire to his own home last week.

ROCKINGHAM — Police are investigating several shootings in the city limits earlier this week.

ROCKINGHAM — A man wanted on suspicion of opening fire at a flea mall over the weekend is now in custody.

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents to be on the lookout for a man accused of firing shots at an open-air flea market over the weekend.

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