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REV Federal Credit Union expands into North Carolina

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REV President and CEO, Jason Lee, and Riegelwood Federal Credit Union president and CEO, June Bigford. REV President and CEO, Jason Lee, and Riegelwood Federal Credit Union president and CEO, June Bigford. Contributed photo

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Since joining REV in 2019, president and CEO Jason Lee has propelled the organization to new heights. Transitioning to a new name, strategic vision, and mission, under Lee’s leadership, REV has once again achieved another milestone. The credit union received merger approval from the National Credit Union Administration and members of North Carolina based Riegelwood Federal Credit Union and Hamlet Federal Credit Union, making REV a multi-state financial institution.

This expansion emphasizes REV’s focus on growth with purpose by bringing credit union’s together to help members and communities thrive through greater social and economic impact. By working together, REV is able to achieve economies of scale that allow the credit union to make a deeper and longer-lasting impact in the communities it serves. As a digital first credit union, REV is able to leverage technology to offer members in Riegelwood and Hamlet access to new products and services that will help them through every stage of their financial journey. Once the credit unions are fully integrated, REV will have a branch network of 15 locations across the Carolinas serving a total of 66,000 members, and assets of $900 million.

With a focus on building healthy communities, REV is committed to the long-term success of these new markets. By working alongside Team Members at Riegelwood and Hamlet, REV will increase community support and outreach initiatives across the region. All Team Members will remain with the credit union, and become part of REV’s strategy to impact the financial wellness of the community.

June Bigford, Riegelwood president and CEO commented, “As a small credit union, Riegelwood lacked the resources necessary to offer the membership access to the products and services they wanted and deserve. I knew that without the right partner, we couldn’t continue to move forward. We were lucky to find Jason and REV because they shared our values and are as passionate as we are about supporting our community.”

Jason Lee, REV president and CEO commented, “This partnership truly reflects our cooperative spirit. Together, we will make a bigger impact on the financial wellness of thousands of people across North Carolina. By working alongside our new Team Members in the Rockingham and Wilmington markets, we will elevate the social and net economic impact in these communities.”


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