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Monday, 22 November 2021 17:41

Richmond County Health Department reports 148th COVID-related death

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Richmond County Health Department reports 148th COVID-related death Pixabay

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Health Department late Monday afternoon announced the fourth COVID-related death for the month of November.

The most recent death was reported Nov. 18, and the other two were reported Nov. 1 and 15.

This brings the county’s total to 148 since the first was reported in April of 2020. There were 52 reported last year and there have been 96 so far this year.

Twenty-three were reported in each January and August, 13 in February and 11 in September.

According to the Health Department, the updated race and gender breakdown is as follows: 22 African American females, 25 African American males, three “other race” females, one “other race” male, two Hispanic females, three Hispanic males, two American Indian males, 47 Caucasian females and 43 Caucasian males.

All patients have been between the ages of 31 and 95: 36 have been 80 or older; 36 have been in their 70s; 40 in their 60s; 23 in their 50s; eight in their 40s; and five in their 30s.

Of the county’s deaths, 116 have been at a hospital, 25 have passed away in another healthcare facility and seven have died outside of a health setting.

Based on previous reports, the most recent death is that of a Caucasian male in his 70s and he died in a hospital.

North Carolina has recorded a total of 18,630 COVID-related deaths — 193 since Thursday — according to the state Department of Health and Human Services.

When compared to the other five counties with similar populations (43,000-48,000) Richmond ranks the highest, however, McDowell County has again seen the largest increase in COVID-related deaths in the past month. Records with NCDHHS show the following death totals:

  • Vance - 104 (+5)
  • Beaufort - 131 (+5) 
  • McDowell - 136 (+24)
  • Stokes - 116 (+12)
  • Jackson - 72 (+2)

(Additions in parentheses are since Oct. 18. State records may not reflect county records, as Richmond is still only shown to have 144. During the same time period, Richmond has had seven.)

Neighboring Scotland County, which has a population nearly 10,000 less than that of Richmond, had 147 as of Nov. 19, according to Scotland Health Care System.

The Health Department on Monday also reported eight new cases, which includes individuals who tested positive over the weekend. There were a total of 45 reported last week.

Richmond County Schools’ COVID Tracker showed only two new cases on Monday afternoon — one each at Monroe Avenue Elementary and Richmond Senior High School.

There have been 371 student-related cases this school year — including 84 at Richmond Senior High School, 45 at the Ninth Grade Academy, and 36 at Hamlet Middle — as well as 55 staff-related cases.

NCDHHS reported 1,383 new cases on Monday.

Nov. 1 marked the lowest daily total in recent months with 1,096. With the exception of Nov. 8, every other day this month has seen more than 1,200 cases, topping out Friday at 2,401.

Following a month-long decline, COVID-related hospitalizations have remained relatively steady for the past two weeks, with 1,055 reported Sunday. The lowest number was 1,011 on Saturday.

FirstHealth hasn’t updated its statistics since Nov. 15. Scotland Memorial Hospital had seven isolated COVID patients on Friday.

As of Monday, 19,938 residents have been vaccinated, according to the Health Department.

Vaccines are now approved for anyone aged 5 or older and booster shots are now available for all vaccinated adults.

COVID vaccinations and boosters are available at the Health Department from 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Monday-Thursday 8-5, and 8-11 a.m. on Fridays with no appointment needed.



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