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Helen Probst Mills Running for State Senate as a First-Time Candidate

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Helen Probst Mills, Candidate for NC State Senate District 25  Helen Probst Mills, Candidate for NC State Senate District 25 Photo by Chuck Thames

ROCKINGHAM-  Helen Probst Mills, a first time candidate, is running for the State Senate seat currently held by Tom McInnis.  In her opening remarks she said, “I’m running because, as Wayne Goodwin said, 'We’ve had enough!'”

She spoke of the alleged gerrymandering of those in power in Raleigh and noted, “Things that are happening in Raleigh are too destructive to our state; they are not reflective of the population of the state and I just decided that enough is enough.” 

According to Mills, she can relate to people’s struggles. She was brought up by a single mother who had little money.  She was raised in an apartment and said, “I remember toward the end of the week, when the money would run out, opening the refrigerator and really just seeing condiments; there wasn’t any food.” 

Mills noted, “I can’t remember not working,” starting with babysitting at a young age and then working other part-time jobs as she went to high school and college.  She went to work prior to going to law school to raise the money she needed to go to school.  Mills noted that she is a lawyer by training but is not currently practicing.  “I’m an over-committed volunteer,” said Mills. 

She said she is very involved in her community of Pinehurst.  Mills is a trustee on the board for Sandhills Community College and she also sits on the board of an economic development organization. 

While District 25 is made up of Richmond, Scotland, Anson, and Moore Counties, Mills noted that Moore County is primarily Republican and therefore winning the other counties is very important.


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