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RALEIGH — The General Assembly is going home without raising teacher pay and without passing a full budget.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2020 14:13

COLUMN: What's wrong with North Carolina?

Last week, the Republicans in the Kansas legislature reached an agreement with the Democratic governor to expand Medicaid. Today, the North Carolina legislature goes back into session. Maybe we could see a similar agreement here. 

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RALEIGH — When they unveiled their plans, the room was crammed with hundreds of people —a stunning turnout for their home in rural Appalachia.

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RALEIGH — Medicaid transformation could be a casualty of the budget stalemate.

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RALEIGH — A big change to the state Medicaid program remains unfunded, increasing the risk of costly delays in Medicaid transformation.

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RALEIGH — Time is running out, and Medicaid transformation is imperiled.

State representatives began questioning whether Medicaid managed care will fail under its current timeline. The concerns came during a Wednesday, Oct. 23, meeting of the House Health Committee.

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RALEIGH — North Carolina continues to roll out Medicaid managed care, despite a lack of funding from the legislature and a lawsuit pending against one of the insurers slotted to become a managed care organization.

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RALEIGH — Rural hospitals are finding it more difficult to stay open.

Since 2006, 11 rural hospitals in North Carolina have closed — seven in the past six years, as more people move to cities and suburbs.

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RALEIGH — Partisanship often dominates contemporary political dialogue, but it’s possible for Republicans and Democrats to find at least some common ground.

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Friday, 27 September 2019 14:44

Disabled adults struggle to get medical care

RALEIGH — It’s just a matter of time before Matt Potter is on his own. 

He knows that eventually he will have to rely on staff — to lift him, to change him, to prepare his meals — but that, all too often, the staff just might not be there. 

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