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RALEIGH — Legal Aid of North Carolina has launched the StopTheCycleNC campaign to raise awareness of the key role legal representation plays in ending the cycle of abuse for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, as well as seniors who have experienced financial exploitation.

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ROCKINGHAM — Placards bearing the names of 45 domestic violence victims from across North Carolina dot the lawn of the old Richmond County courthouse.

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When policymakers across the country decided to “lock down” in response to the March outbreak of the novel coronavirus, they took a leap into the unknown. Not only did we know little about COVID-19 itself at that time, but we knew almost nothing about how shutting down nearly all of society would affect people.

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ROCKINGHAM — Although Tiffany Neal had a three year friendship with who was to become her husband, she never saw all of his sides — including the abusive side — until they started dating.

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ROCKINGHAM — A man is facing multiple charges after allegedly assaulting a former lover.

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ROCKINGHAM — Domestic violence comes in “all shapes,” according to Ellerbe native Kristi Richardson King.

And she should know.

King and Bridget Little both shared their personal experiences of losing family members to domestic violence during a candlelight vigil Tuesday evening sponsored by New Horizons Life and Family Services.

With the walkway of the old courthouse lined in purple and white balloons, each woman told those gathered holding candles about their respective family’s tragedy.

King’s parents were murdered by her brother eight years ago.

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HAMLET – Hamlet Police Department Captain R.S. Dover reported that a case of domestic violence was investigated on Tuesday, October 24, at approximately 8:30 p.m.

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ROCKINGHAM – New Horizons Life and Family Services held its annual vigil on Monday at the old courthouse building in downtown Rockingham.

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