C.K. Craven

C.K. Craven

HAMLET – Since the old days of Atkinson’s Pool Room, the location has been a “go to” for the citizens of Hamlet. 

 ROCKINGHAM – This Saturday, October 7,, will be an important day in Richmond County as Rockingham’s VFW Post 4203 will be hosting its annual charity yard sale.

HAMLET - Most of us are too young to remember, but there was a time when people pretty much took care of themselves in most every facet of life.

ROCKINGHAM – The Richmond County Commissioners meeting was held Tuesday in Courtroom C at the Justice Center.  And, as usual, there were comments and questions regarding various types of events, projects, and situations throughout the county. What was not so “usual” was the range of focus that characterized the session.

LAUREL HILL – Many residents of the Richmond County/Scotland County area have traveled US Highway 74 and a little nondescript diner tucked neatly off the south side of the highway in Laurel Hill.

ROCKINGHAM – Hudson Brothers’ Deli was host to the Richmond County Humane Society’s fundraiser Saturday night.

ROCKINGHAM – Many people have artistic skills and talents, but don’t have a way to express themselves. But thanks to local painter Daniel Webb, people in Richmond County are able to channel their inner Van Gogh.

ROCKINGHAM – For locals wanting to help the community out, the Richmond County Humane society is inviting everyone to join them for a great cause at Hudson Brothers’ Deli, located at 115 S. Lee Street in Rockingham, Saturday night.

DOBBINS HEIGHTS – The wood pellet manufacturer Enviva proposed, and Richmond County officials have accepted, so it would now seem that this matrimonial union between industrial “progress” and the local community is imminent; all that remains for consummation of the pact is a matter of formality.

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