C.K. Craven

C.K. Craven

HAMLET - June 17th is the third Sunday of the month and thus designated as Father’s Day in the United States. 

A celebration honoring fathers, fatherhood, and paternal bonds has existed since the Middle Ages but was not officially celebrated in the U.S. until the 20th century, and was not designated as an official holiday in this country until 1972.

HAMLET - The Hamlet Police Department is actively searching for Thomas Terry III subsequent to the serious wounding of an individual on Saturday, June 2nd.  At approximately 6:00 p.m. on that date, HPD responded to a “shots fired” call on Washington Avenue.  Upon arrival, officers found a black male victim being assisted into a vehicle for transportation to the hospital.  The victim had multiple gunshot wounds and was subsequently transferred to another undisclosed medical facility in “serious” condition.

HAMLET - While the Fourth of July is ubiquitously (albeit arguably erroneously) recognized as the traditionally celebrated birthday of the United States, lesser attention is rendered unto June 14th: Flag Day.  The history of this holiday, however, remains interesting.

RICHMOND COUNTY - Since its first graduating class way back in 1973, cursory analysis would indicate that Richmond Senior High School has now processed approximately 25,000 graduates from their initial RSHS matriculation through the final days of their senior year.  It would be difficult to imagine any of those previous groups as having been any more impressive than this 2018 commencement class.

A total of 449 names were called on Friday, June 8th as members of the Richmond County Board of Education and Richmond Senior High administrative staff greeted and congratulated each student individually. 

ROCKINGHAM - The Rockingham Police Department announced the successful culmination of a year-long investigation that resulted in the arrest of a Rockingham woman for illegal procurement and distribution of opioids. 

Crystal Lunceford, 50, of Rockingham was arrested on Wednesday, June 6th and charged with 23 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud or forgery; six counts of trafficking in opiates; and five counts of identity theft. 

HAMLET - Hamlet Police Chief Scott Waters is announcing a new program designed to offer citizens an opportunity to meet local officers and discuss community issues. 

On Wednesday, June 13th, officers from the Hamlet Police Department and community members will come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee.

ROCKINGHAM - The Rockingham Police Department reports that 26 separate charges have been filed against a single individual.  Levar Thaddeus Mitchell, 36, of Rockingham was arrested within a few hours of RPD receiving a report of a breaking and entering incident.

HAMLET - Richmond Senior High School’s AP Art students submitted their work to the College Board in May.

The AP Art students’ portfolios were graded on a 1-6 level with 6 being a noteworthy - and rare – score. 

Students in the Advanced Placement Art Class (AP Art) had to develop a concentration idea for their work, creating twelve works of art that show a variety of their skills and another twelve focusing on a certain topic of their choosing.

HAMLET - Today marks the 74th anniversary of the largest single day military operation in history.  Generally referred to as “D-Day” (although this term is technically a relatively common way to reference the date of commencement for any significant military operation), June 6th of 1944 was the day on which Allied forces from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and other nations landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to signal the beginning of this invasion of German-occupied territory. 

HAMLET - Last week, Gary Overcash of Rockingham’s Carter Funeral Home was named incoming chairman of the North Carolina Funeral Directors’ Association (NCFDA). 

In the process of researching background information about the Association, interesting information was discovered in regard to the history and development of this body. 

Editor’s note:  The primary source for this information was Todd van Beck’s “A Brief History of the Early Beginnings of the North Carolina Funeral Directors’ Association.”

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