John Trump - Carolina Journal News Service

John Trump - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — Leaders in the General Assembly and governor say they have reached a deal to ensure $30 million for the GREAT rural broadband program.

RALEIGH — Senate Republicans are asking Gov. Roy Cooper to reverse a move to eliminate relief money for rural broadband, hurting children and seniors.

North Carolina has an opportunity. Meaning North Carolina as a whole, but also as a sum of its complex and diverse parts.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper says he won’t take North Carolina backward. He says he isn’t ready to levy another lockdown because of COVID-19.

RALEIGH — Races filling the N.C. ballot were won or lost by the thinnest of margins. With a few exceptions, races — statewide and national — stayed excruciatingly close days after election night.

RALEIGH — North Carolina Republicans can take a breath, even if their signature red is mixed with myriad shades of blue.

RALEIGH — The races for seats on the N.C. Council of State were as close as polls predicted. They defined what pollsters call toss-ups, all teetering close to the margin of error. 

A recent study by RunRepeat found America is fat and getting fatter. Government edicts are making things worse for most of us.

Let’s try something new. New for me anyway. A different path, if you will. 

A comfortable chair, in a bookstore or coffee shop. Maybe just a hard, splintery bench in a park.

A conversation with a stranger, or even an old friend. Someone you haven’t seen in awhile.

Mostly gone, now. Not lost, really. We know where to find them.

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