Julie Havlak - Carolina Journal News Service

Julie Havlak - Carolina Journal News Service

RALEIGH — As state community colleges struggle to raise enrollment, they are looking to recruit  more non-traditional students — those older than 25. The push could help lift those students out of poverty and boost North Carolina’s workforce — but only if colleges get it right, advocates say.

RALEIGH — The possibility of a Republican version of Medicaid expansion has died in North Carolina.

RALEIGH — Legislators are looking at a controversial reform to lower patients’ medical bills for surgery in North Carolina.

RALEIGH — Money is tight at N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.

The department has been battling financial woes after the budget stalemate threw Medicaid transformation into chaos and sent the department scrambling to make the existing budget work for the upcoming fiscal year.

RALEIGH — North Carolina is a model for states looking to diffuse a looming debt crisis over unfunded health care benefits for state retirees, according to a new report from the Manhattan Institute.

RALEIGH — Family farm bankruptcies are on the rise in North Carolina, a signal the rest of the state’s farm economy could be in trouble.

Wednesday, 05 February 2020 14:24

State treasurer warns against taking on new debts

RALEIGH — North Carolina should avoid borrowing billions, even though the state’s “credit card limit,” a recent study says, is more than $11 billion over the next decade.


RALEIGH — Now that North Carolina knows how much it can borrow, politicians are arguing about how much the state should borrow.

RALEIGH — North Carolina is grappling with systemic shortages in mental health care, and regulations are making it worse — often disproportionately hurting veterans and the state’s most vulnerable residents. But that could change.

RALEIGH — North Carolina ranks 12th in the nation for how it prepares teachers to teach children to read, a new report shows.

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