Jeff Moore - Carolina Journal News Service

Jeff Moore - Carolina Journal News Service

SANFORD — There are plenty of places to eat in your town. There is no wait to speak of, either. But the local eateries just aren’t that appetizing. The food really isn’t that good; the service, less than ideal. Hence, when desiring a good meal out, you, and many of your neighbors, usually elect to make the drive across the county line to where the offerings are more to your liking. Updated menus, modern kitchens, great service, an experience, and recipes that hit the spot.

RALEIGH — The state House voted 58-47 on Wednesday, Sept. 15, to endorse a bill requiring the state attorney general to get approval from legislative leaders before settling lawsuits on their behalf. The bill now heads to the governor.

RALEIGH — The N.C. prison system, comprising 55 facilities and employing roughly 16,000 staff, is one of the largest agencies in the state. That might surprise some, as prisons, from the real estate they occupy, to the critical role they play in governance, are not foremost in our minds when it comes to policy.

RALEIGH — The N.C. Senate passed House Bill 110 on Wednesday, Sept. 8, which would modify rules to the HOPE rental assistance program.

RALEIGH — Climbing COVID-19 hospitalizations in North Carolina have energized the campaign for renewed mask mandates. The rules have also sparked protests from some who view it as a threat to personal liberty and dispute the efficacy of masking toward mitigating the spread of coronavirus.

RALEIGH — Criminal justice reform is a bipartisan issue, a phrase lawmakers frequently use when noting the parties coming together and advancing legislation. True to form, Senate Bill 300, Criminal Justice Reform, was approved by the General Assembly with strong bipartisan support and awaits the governor’s signature.

College students are returning to campus amid delta variant fear spikes, restrictions, and, now, some University of North Carolina faculty pushing for a return to remote instruction. But how does a return to campus affect students psychologically?

RALEIGH — A new Civitas Poll of 600 likely voters conducted between Aug. 13 and Aug. 16 produced one of the more interesting survey results in recent memory. That’s according to John Locke Foundation senior political analyst Mitch Kokai, who discussed the poll results with JLF president and chief strategy officer Donald Bryson on Thursday, Aug. 19.

RALEIGH — Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in March announced the launch of a task force to address growing concern grew among public school parents about political and cultural indoctrination in the classroom, specifically related to Critical Race Theory.

RALEIGH — Gov. Roy Cooper announced on Thursday, July 29, that, although statewide mask mandates will still expire July 30 according to recent guidance, his administration is launching vaccination verification requirements for Cabinet agencies and a general campaign to pressure other government entities and private businesses toward similar vaccination requirements.

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