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WILMINGTON - Baseball at the turn of the 20th century is typically highlighted by the era’s most celebrated players, including Honus Wagner (the subject of one of the most valuable baseball cards in existence) and Cy Young (whose name graces the annual award for the game’s best pitcher).  However, a third player alongside Wagner and Young was just as talented and arguably even more popular at the time.

RALEIGH - Wednesday’s peaceful rally for respect and education was an unprecedented movement in success, size, and scale.

Thursday, 17 May 2018 05:01

NCDP Statement on Teacher Rally for Respect

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Raleigh – NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin released the following statement as thousands of teachers and education advocates rally in Raleigh today to advocate for respect, better teacher pay, and more school funding:
"North Carolina Democrats are proud to stand beside our state’s educators as they demand respect from their representatives in Raleigh. For too long, our teachers have been asked to do more with less.

"Democrats are committed to strengthening our public schools by putting our teachers and students first. Governor Cooper has put forward a responsible, forward-looking budget that gives educators a meaningful raise, improves school safety and aims to make our state among the best educated in the nation. And earlier this week, Democrats made a promise to our schools to fight for better teacher pay, more school funding, smaller class sizes and expanded early childhood education.

"Today, we support North Carolina’s teachers as they march. Tomorrow, we get back to work electing representatives who will give our teachers, students, and public schools the respect they deserve. North Carolina will remember today in November."

HAMLET - This past Sunday was the second Sunday of May and, as such, was celebrated as a time to revere our mothers. 

Tomorrow is the opening day of the General Assembly and the day teachers across North Carolina are planning to take personal leave to go to Raleigh to protest the cuts to education that have occurred over the past few years.  Their message is a worthy one.

Raleigh – Tuesday night, North Carolina voters headed to the ballot box to vote for state and federal candidates for the first time in in the Trump-era, offering the first look at the electorate before this November’s elections.

Raleigh – Under Governor Cooper’s leadership, North Carolina is moving in the right direction, more people believe the state is back on the right track in a “complete turn-around” from seven months ago, and voters want a Democratic legislature, according a new poll from Spectrum News.

Raleigh – Two new reports over the weekend revealed how, since 2010, Republicans in Raleigh have eroded North Carolina’s public education system and ended many public service pathways to a middle-class lifestyle.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018 05:05

I Stand With Mark - Senator Dan Bishop

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CHARLOTTE - For many years, when conservatives have had a tough leadership task in Charlotte, we have turned to Mark Harris.

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