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I Stand With Mark - Senator Dan Bishop

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Dr. Mark Harris, Candidate for Congress Dr. Mark Harris, Candidate for Congress Photo by C.K. Craven

CHARLOTTE - For many years, when conservatives have had a tough leadership task in Charlotte, we have turned to Mark Harris.

Time and again, he has rallied folks to important causes. In 2012, when we needed a leader to help pass the Marriage Amendment in NC, defining marriage as between one man and one woman, we turned to Mark Harris. In 2016, as I took on Charlotte’s crazy bathroom ordinance, Mark Harris was right there on the front line, answering the call. Once again, Mark led. 
The crisis in our leadership today, I think, is aversion to risk.  Elected officials enjoy their status, take symbolic votes and plot reelection. Very few are willing to put themselves on the line. It’s time to change that.
We all agree that we need a conservative vote in the US House from the 9th district. However, in this political environment, a conservative vote alone is no longer sufficient. We need a strong conservative voice, and a passionate conservative leader behind that vote. This is exactly what we will get with Mark Harris in the Congressional seat. 

Mark Harris knows to his core that man hath no greater love than to lay down his life for his friends. That character of leader is our only hope for a changed culture in Washington. We are way past the point that we can keep sending the same people to Washington and expecting different results. That's why I'm supporting Mark Harris for 9th District Congress.

Dan Bishop
Senator, State Senate District 39

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