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Richmond County COVID-19 Heroes: Hayden keeps things clean

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A local business is stepping up to not only provide response efforts to COVID-19, but also prevention measures. What started with owning rental properties led to the development of a successful construction company in 2002, Hayden Construction Inc., and further evolved to incorporate emergency services and restoration in 2015. 

Since their inception around five years ago, Hayden Construction Inc. Fire and Water has been offering emergency and specialty cleaning. No strangers to cleaning up dangerous messes with various chemicals targeted at combating specific bacteria and viruses, they have wide-ranging experience in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing blood, mold, sewage, and multiple other dangerous and toxic situations.   

Recently, HCI has transitioned to accommodate and respond to the global pandemic by conducting extensive research on the virus, including consulting with technical support personnel of suppliers to learn what products most effectively protect against and kill the virus. 

HCI has partnered with N.C. Emergency Management Services to prepare the former Hamlet hospital to house non-COVID-19 patients in the case of overcrowding at our local hospital due to COVID-19 patients. At this point, that use has not been necessary, but in the case it does become a need, HCI has thoroughly cleaned the facility and will maintain routine cleaning if and when it is opened. 

HCI has also begun working with local industries and governmental/public facilities to provide both preventative pre-cleaning measures to maintain a clean and safe working environment for those agencies that are still open. Additionally, they are currently working responsively for those who have had a COVID-19-positive case by providing a deep-cleaning that will kill the virus. 

Owner Tim Hayden says their services are twofold with the initial phase consisting of pre-cleaning with concrobium and hydrogen peroxide, which are both effective in eliminating the virus, followed by a thorough spraying of CP 64 and proKure. However, the order of application of the chemicals may vary depending on the specific scenario. Hayden also cautioned that surfaces cannot be “just sprayed,” but must be first thoroughly cleaned prior to the spraying. 

Their services have long included the use of concrobium and hydrogen peroxide, but the new addition of CP 64 and proKure are in direct response to the pandemic. The key, he says, in addition to strict adherence to the CDC guidelines, is the dwell time for the specific chemicals. The dwell time refers to how long the chemical needs to be active on surfaces to ensure the virus is completely eradicated. 

Along with the broad experience of HCI in the specialty cleaning arena, their services are guaranteed with their extensive IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) certifications that are unmatched by any other provider of similar services in the area. Their certifications can be viewed here: Hayden says these certifications are central to the level of quality of service. 

HCI is most definitely an enormous point of pride for Richmond County, especially as a locally-owned, small business that is making an enormous, life-saving effort to combat against COVID-19. We are so proud the Hayden’s and their essential business call Richmond County home! 

Meghann Lambeth is director of the Richmond County Tourism Development Authority. She is writing a series on how local industries are contributing to the COVID-19 effort, which will also be published at the Richmond Observer. You can read the original post here. 


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