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Friday, 12 March 2021 12:22

OPINION: Quit it with the 'cancel culture'

I guess I have to be the one who wants to say what we all have been wanting to say in the last few weeks. Of course, the majority of you don't have a public forum to spout off in, so I guess I'll take one for the team. 

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“To Kill a Mockingbird.” “1984.” “Catcher in the Rye.” “Brave New World.” “The Lord of the Rings.”

What do all these books have in common?

Aside from being classic works of literature, they each have been challenged or banned for themes that some people find offensive in some way, according to the American Library Association.

Libraries in Richmond County and across America are celebrating Banned Books Week by prominently displaying copies of controversial titles.

“Every year, a list comes out of the top banned or challenged books,” said Shannon Hearne, supervisor of Leath Memorial Library in Rockingham. “And they might not necessarily be banned in locations but they’re all challenged … and it’s all for various reasons.”

Those reasons, according to the ALA, include: violence; being un-American; perpetuating sterotypes or racisim; having lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender themes; foul language;  and occult references.

Promoting Banned Books Week, Hearne added, is to raise awareness about censorship and freedom of speech.

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