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DURHAM — Canadian professor, author, and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson on Thursday offered a non-political and largely academic lecture on the psychology of beauty, dreams, and purpose. The reaction from city officials and activists to the address at the Durham Performing Arts Center was night-and-day from the one leading up to his appearance four years earlier. 

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College students are returning to campus amid delta variant fear spikes, restrictions, and, now, some University of North Carolina faculty pushing for a return to remote instruction. But how does a return to campus affect students psychologically?

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 16:05

Richmond County School Board approves new courses

HAMLET — Students at Richmond Senior High School will have the opportunity to take several new courses starting next year.

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Monday, 23 December 2019 12:36

COLUMN: Psychology helps explain political divide

Because I spend much of my time these days encouraging constructive engagement across political difference, through such programs as Duke University’s North Carolina Leadership Forum, readers sometimes ask me if I think political differences are more appearance than reality — that if we just tried hard enough, we could reach a broad public consensus on many seemingly contentious issues.

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HAMLET — Richmond Community College has partnered with Coker College, soon to be Coker University, to offer 100 percent online bachelor’s degree programs in business management, criminology and psychology for RichmondCC graduates.

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