John Hood

John Hood

Monday, 02 August 2021 10:47

OPINION: Merit pay boosts student success

How much say should the public have about public education? Parental revolts against “wokeness” fads in the classroom are all the rage right now, but gaps between public preferences and the practice of public education didn’t suddenly begin a few months ago. They’ve been around for decades.

Most students attend colleges or universities primarily to acquire the knowledge, skills, and credentials required to get a rewarding job.

One of the best ways to save black lives and help poor North Carolinians would be to increase funding for North Carolina police departments and sheriffs.

Will North Carolina Republicans have smashing victories in the 2022 midterms? Many politicos are acting as if they will, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

Monday, 05 July 2021 13:37

OPINION: What to do when they're wrong

Here are three true statements, as best I can determine. First, Americans of all backgrounds have experienced gigantic declines in poverty over the past two generations. Second, most diversity training is worse than a waste of time. Third, police officers are no more likely to kill minorities than they are to kill whites during traffic stops or arrests.

Monday, 28 June 2021 11:56

OPINION: Got to pick a pocket?

Did Fagin’s pickpockets stimulate the economy of London?

“I see you’ve written another book. What’s this one about?”

Monday, 14 June 2021 12:39

OPINION: Users should pay for highways

As a fiscal conservative who thinks government is generally too large and taxes too high, I am grateful for the gas tax.

North Carolinians are closely divided when it comes to party preference. Our state has long been one of America’s key political battlegrounds. But when it comes to managing the state’s finances, the conservatives in charge of the state legislature are in tune with prevailing public sentiment.

For all the suffering and damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s at least one silver lining: the experience may alter our health care system for the better.

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