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Marley Moss: The Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week

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Senior cheerleader Marley Moss has been named the Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week presented by HWY 55. Senior cheerleader Marley Moss has been named the Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week presented by HWY 55. Kyle Pillar — Sports Editor.

ROCKINGHAM — Marley Moss, a senior on the Richmond Senior High School cheerleading team, has been named the Official Richmond County Female Athlete of the Week presented by HWY 55.

Having been a varsity cheerleader the past three years, Moss’ school spirit, cheering and leadership on the sideline on Friday nights have helped her earn her first career recognition.  

Athletic Profile

Age: 17

Birthday: July 12, 2004 

Year: Senior

Fall Sport: Cheerleading

Position: Secondary Base

Years on Varsity: 3 Years

Height & Weight: 5-2, 145 pounds

Experience: 7 years


RSHS Academics: Ranked near the top of the graduating class of 2022, Moss is a dual-enrollment student who takes classes at Richmond Senior High School and Richmond Community College. She served as a junior marshal during last summer’s graduation.

This semester, Moss is taking Biology 112, English 112, Spanish 112 and Math 271 at RichmondCC. While on campus at the high school, she’s taking AP Literature with Kate O’Neil and Media Journalism with Ashleigh Buie.

“The benefit of taking classes at RCC is that I’ll graduate with my two-year degree and go to college as a junior,” Moss said. “My favorite class this semester is Media Journalism. I’m the weather person on Raider News and I really enjoy being a part of that broadcast.”

Moss is also a member of the senior senate, serving as the historian. She’s also a member of the Beta Club and the National Honor Society.

Future Plans: When she graduates from Richmond in June, Moss hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She’s currently in the application process stage, and is eyeing The University of Tennessee as her top choice, with North Carolina State University in the mix.

“I really like the atmosphere of Tennessee, especially the football games,” Moss explained. “I went to my first game two weeks ago and singing Rocky Top was pretty cool. I also went on a tour of the campus and it’s really beautiful.

“I’ve always been interested in vet medicine and I want to work with livestock,” she added. “I’ve liked goats my whole life, and I’ve had them as pets. I think I’ve always had a connection with animals and look forward to helping cattle, horses and pigs as a vet.”

Marley Moss is escorted by her parents Christy and William Moss (third and fourth from left) during Senior Night on Sept. 24.  (Kyle Pillar/The Richmond Observer)


ROSports: What about being a Richmond cheerleader is the most rewarding thing for you?

Moss: “I like being in front of the crowd on Friday nights, and being a cheerleader allows me to get into the atmosphere of the game. I think if I was in the stands, I wouldn’t be as involved with the game.

“Also being a part of the cheerleading program for four years has been really rewarding. I’ve had a lot of fun.”

ROSports: Describe the atmosphere on Friday nights and what do you enjoy the most?

Moss: “The best part is being able to run down the field and celebrate with the players after we score touchdowns. The cheerleaders get involved and we’re always really excited for the team.

“There are really no words to explain what it’s like. It’s just Raider Magic.”

ROSports: You’re one of the leaders on the team. How do you think that makes you a better cheerleader and makes the team better?

Moss: “I’ve embraced my leadership role as one of the two seniors who has been on varsity for three years. I always help the other girls when I can, and get asked a lot of advice to help with stunts or different cheers.”

ROSports: Basketball season is right around the corner and there’s a lot of anticipation about this year’s teams. How is cheering for basketball different and what are you looking forward to most?

Moss: “There is a lot of excitement for basketball this year. It’s different cheering because we don’t stunt as much and we sit down during games. The excitement is still there, though, and we do get up and jump around to try and get the momentum going.

“With this being my last year, I’m really trying to enjoy it more. I really want to get involved more and I hope our teams are really good this season.”

ROSports: Name a person in your life who is influential and has made you a better young adult.

Moss: “My parents and Meredith Hood. Without them I would not be where I am today. Meredith has helped me because she always saw something in me that I didn't see in myself, and that has made me a better cheerleader. 

“My parents really just push me through the hard times, especially when cheer and school can be very stressful. They are my biggest support system.” 

The Richmond Observer will publish two more Official Richmond County Athletes of the Week next week.

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