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Evolution Health Club celebrates 3rd birthday with new location, amenities

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Evolution Health Club will be moving to a new location at North Plaza next to Food Lion on US Highway 1. Evolution Health Club will be moving to a new location at North Plaza next to Food Lion on US Highway 1.

ROCKINGHAM — Three years to the day since it first opened its doors to help local residents lead healthier lifestyles, Evolution Health Club announced it was moving on to bigger and better things.

Owner Blake Altman, who opened the health club in April 2017, told members on social media this week that Evolution was moving to a newer, larger location. He also called it a “new chapter” for himself, the club and its members.

A staple in downtown Rockingham the last few years, EHC will be relocating to Plaza North on US Highway 1 next to Food Lion. 

“There are a lot of great things about the move, but one of the biggest is we’re hoping to open more membership opportunities,” Altman said. “We’ll be closer to Richmond Senior High School and we’re seeing a big influence of high school students and athletes.

“Convenience is everything, and our new location offers that,” he continued. “We were tucked in at our old location and now we’re in a bigger commercial space with more room to workout and have better parking. We’ve worked hard at marketing the last three years to get this opportunity.” 

Another plus for Altman and his health club, he noted, is seeing more foot traffic at the new location. The new space is adjacent to Food Lion, and he hopes shoppers in the plaza will take notice of the upgrades.

With the gym and fitness center market tough in Richmond County, Altman’s said the new location will also allow EHC to “distance itself from the competition.”

Aside from promising his 2000 members a better workout experience, the new building is roughly 2000 square feet larger than the downtown location. With approximately 8800 square feet of open space, Altman has big plans to “use every inch of the better layout.”

While Evolution has been temporarily shut down since March 18 due to Gov. Roy Cooper’s executive order amid the coronavirus outbreak, Altman is using the time to get things situated. 

His crew has spent the last two weeks customizing the new location, and said it should take another two weeks to make the move.

Whenever the 24-hour health club gets the green light to continue business as usual, members can expect the same high level of customer service and workout experience associated with Evolution, plus a couple of key upgrades.

Altman explained music is essential to working out and said he’s installed two 18-inch subwoofers to help improve Evolution’s atmosphere and soundsystem. He also hopes to incorporate a “refreshment room,” complete with cool and hot towels.

Perhaps the biggest addition will be a 50-foot by 12-foot Astroturf workout station, complete with 15 yards worth of hash marks and a workout sled. The center of the turf will be emblazoned with Evolution’s logo and allow for members and athletes to perform “a variety of routines and new workouts.”

Altman added that Evolution will be the only local gym to offer the Astroturf set up. He also plans to use a grassy exterior space beside the building to put “a new spin on working out and hold different boot camp activities.”

Other amenities will include new exercise machines and lockers will be available for members to use. Altman added that a birthday party for Evolution will also be held at the new location once things reopen.

With Food Lion right next door, Altman explained he’s been brainstorming with the grocery chain about different ways for the two businesses to partner up and provide members with information regarding the nutritional side of staying healthy.

“We’ve been voted the best gym in Richmond County three years in a row and we’re ready to keep growing,” Altman said. “I want to thank our members and let them know we’re successful because of them.

“I know we’re looking forward to many more years of good fitness experience,” he closed. “I believe that if me and my staff keep doing our part, that will continue to happen.”

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